Bike Tour with over night stay 1泊自転車ツアー



Summary of Bike tour with over night stay


This is a one night, two days cycling tour. Meeting point is “HakkonosatoKozaki” bus station. You can take the bus at Tokyo station and I will pick you up at the bus stop. We will then head to Farm inn Guesthouse in “INASHIKI NEST”. 
My car is really tiny. Around 3 people can ride with small hand luggages.
Or you can come to farm inn guesthouse INASHIKI NEST directly by riding your own car. Parking is free! 

Then, we start the tour with a bike. We will ride through peaceful country roads surrounding rice fields. You will be able to see and feel the ruralness of the local area. We then pass through one of the national cyclist roads called Ring Ring road. The view of the Lake Kasumigaura is beautiful and you will be able to see Mount Tsukuba from the roadside when it’s not cloudy. After, we will visit the Tsukudani store. Tsukudani means ‘food boiled in soy sauce’. We can try some food samples there such as dried ice fish. We will then lunch at a local store called “Miyamoto Shoten” which has been passed down through generations and is popular among the locals here. The last place to visit is Osugi Shrine which is where your dreams can come true.  

After the end of the tour, we are cooking together for dinner. 



集合場所は 農家民宿ゲストハウス INASHIKI NEST(イナシキ ネスト)あるいは「発酵の里こうざき」バス停です。バス停からはお迎えにあがります。



農家民宿INASHIKI  NESTに着いたら、自転車ツアーがスタートします。








Schedule スケジュール (冬場は催行しておりません。Winter season is not available)

10:10 AM

HAKKONOSATO KOZAKI bus station *meeting point 発酵の里こうざき 集合場所

*直接ご自身の車でINASHIKI NESTまで来ていただくことも可能です! 駐車無料です。
*You can access to INASHIKI NEST by your car directly! Parking is free. 


10:40 AM

Explanation about the tour at Farm inn Guesthouse ” INASHIKI NEST “

農家民宿INASHIKI NESTにてツアーの説明

-BIKE TOUR 自転車ツアー

Roads surrounding rice fields 田んぼに囲まれた道

National Cycle Route “Ring-Ring Road”

ナショナルサイクリストロードロード りんりんロード

Local TSUKUDANI – aquatic food boiled in soy sauce- STORE “Takasu suisan”

つくだ煮 高須水産

Lotus roots Road レンコンロード

LUNCH at Local Store “MIYAMOTO SHOTEN宮本商店にてランチライム

Osugi Shrine大杉神社

End of the BIKE  自転車の終了

Preparation and having dinner together



The following the day 翌日

Light Breakfast -Cereal - or  bread


Check OUT チェックアウト

Hakkonosato Kozaki Bus Station 


The minimum number of people 最小催行人数

Min 1 Max 3 or 4    1名様から最大3~4名様まで 

What’s included 含まれているもの

  • 1 night stay all inclusive 1泊宿泊料金に3食全て込み
  • Lunch box(“Obento”) お弁当(昼)
  • Dinner 夕食
  • Light breakfast 軽い朝食
  • Rental Bike fee 自転車レンタル
  • Return transportation(From Hakkonosato Kozaki Bus station to Farm inn)発酵の里こうざきと農家民宿INASHIKI  NESTの移動
  • Local guide fee ガイド費
  • 500ml bottle of water 500mlペットボトルのお水1本
  • *Additional drinks and food costs are not included. 上記以外の追加飲食はご自身でご負担ください。



  • Anyone over 13 can join (The size of bike is 27 inch)
  • This bike tour is for beginners.
  • Roads are very flat but cars also pass on the same road.
  • For safety, the tour might be cancelled in case of unsuitable weather.
  • Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for cycling.
  • Out of respect for other guests and to ensure the best tour for everyone, we must start the tour on time.
  • Cycle helmets are not mandatory in Japan, however these can be arranged if needed.
  • 13歳以上であれば、どなたでもご参加いただけます。(自転車のサイズが27インチです。)
  • 初心者向けのバイクツアーです。
  • 道はとても平らですが、車も走る道です。
  • 安全のため、天候により中止となります。
  • サイクリングしやすい服装でお越しください。
  • ツアーは決めた時間に始まります。
  • 日本では13才未満の子供はヘルメットの着用が義務付けられています。

Cancellation Policy

For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the tour starting time.

If there is extreme weather that means you are unable to cycle, you do have the option to stay overnight. This will mean you will not receive a full refund.

Please get in contact to discuss this option.




Bike Photos