INASHIKI NEST Farmhouse/Guesthouse

  • Located in a tranquil neighborhood
  • You can comfortably stay in a calm and tranquil environment, and since the host lives in a separate house on the same premises, it’s a safe choice for families with children or groups of friends looking to create lasting memories.

  • Chill out and relax on the Japanese veranda


  • You can unwind in an authentic Japanese house in the rural countryside of Japan.


  • The kitchen is complete with a kitchen sink, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a toaster.


  • You can experience the local vegetable garden just around the corner



  • Bugs are not avoidable in the countryside even though we keep it really clean inside.
  • There are two showers in the farm inn/guesthouse. If you prefer a bath,  you can visit the local public spa and bath, which is just ten minutes by car and has a sauna. (Extra fee)

  • Local store called “Okano-Shoten” just 3 minutes walk from the house. You can buy vegetables and everyday items.
  • A local store called “Miyamoto-Shoten” is just 15 15-minute walk from the house. You can buy handmade prepared food and lunch boxes during lunchtime.(You can buy prepared food and lunch boxes from 11 AM.
  • There are no restaurants or dining options within walking distance.Please consider purchasing groceries in advance to use the kitchen facilities at the accommodation or explore the nearby delicious restaurants and eateries using a car.

  • There is a shrine dedicated to a local deity, who watches over us.
  • I converted an originally vacant house through DIY into an accommodation facility.
  • Apart from the occasional airplane, the area is very quiet and serene.
  • INASHIKI NEST is designed to be casual and friendly, so you can relax and spend your time as you please without excessive attention.
  • It’s not a typical tourist destination, so you can experience a rural lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle.

  • Smoking is not allowed inside. Please go outside if you need to smoke and do not bring cigarette butts into the room.
  • Please consider others and avoid making noise after 9 pm especially outside.

  • Changing the bed linen is subject to fees. Whenever you need it, just let us know.
  • Please dress warmly in winter it’s cold.
  • Thank you for being Eco-friendly.
  • Please respect and care about other guests and lasting friendships may develop, when you book one of the rooms here.
  • Finally, enjoy and have a happy moment to you.

What’s “farmhouse INASHIKI NEST”?Who do you recommend it for? 

INASHIKI NEST – A farmhouse /guesthouse with private rooms and a small number of guests

What is “farmhouse INASHIKI NEST”?

The farmhouse is a typical Japanese farmhouse.

In front of the house, there is a field where you can see vegetables and herbs growing, and you can harvest and eat them or make herb tea to enjoy.

While there is such an agricultural part of the house.
All rooms at INASHIKI NEST are private rooms.

There are no dormitories.

Facilities include a shared kitchen, two shower rooms, and two toilets are shared with other guests.
Even though it is a traditional Japanese house, the design of shower room is a bit modern design, and the water area is very clean.

Another shared area includes a TATAMI living room with a Japanese veranda called “ENGAWA”.

When you feel like being alone, you can relax in your private room.

When there are no other guests, you can enjoy a little interaction by casually touring the friendly shops in the area.

There are just 4 to 5 private rooms, so even though all rooms are fully booked, there is still a sense of tranquility.

Also, it’s possible to rent the entire building. This is especially popular and recommended for those who want to create wonderful memories or experience rural life with friends, family, or colleagues.

The style of renting the entire building and being able to enjoy it without worrying about others is also really popular.

We do live on the same property, but it’s in a separate house, so please feel free to relax and enjoy your stay without any concerns.


This is what life is like here.
Fresh herbal tea with lemon balm and mint picked.
Fresh, fragrant Perilla chopped on the spot and eaten over rice.
Sleeping soundly surrounded by the sounds of nature, such as birds chirping and frogs croaking.
Take a quiet walk and feel present in a space where you can meditate on the quiet, peaceful nature and the countryside that extends beyond the horizon.

Sounds luxurious?

If you feel that way, you will like the farm inn and guesthouse INASHIKI NEST.

Check in & Out Time

Check In 3PM-7PM

Check out ~10AM

I might be on my farm so Please let me know your approx check in time and check out time in advance.


Free wifi

2 separate toilets (*shared)

2 separate shower room(*shared) No bath tub
If you prefer a bath,  you can visit the local public spa and bath, which is just ten minutes by car and has a sauna and open air bath. (Extra fee)

Bath towel

Hair dryer

Washing machine(100YEN/per use)

washing powder ball(50YEN/pc)

Shampoo, conditioner, body soap

*Please bring your pajamas, toothbrush, and your preferred items which you are used to.

*If you book the entire property for exclusive use, the shared facilities such as toilets and showers will be for the exclusive use of your group.


If you book 【a private room】 instead of 【the entire house】, you will be sharing common areas with other guests.

*If you book the entire property for exclusive use, the shared facilities such as toilets and showers will be for the exclusive use of your group.

Gas stove, fridge, microwave, rice cooker, electric kettle, toaster, dishes, coffee maker

*There is a local store (Not a supermarket or convenience store)nearby where you can purchase ingredients(Sunday and public holiday are closed)


The entire house rental listing is available for booking six months in advance.

Please click each photo. You’ll see each price on the Airbnb site.

For parties of 7 or more guests, please inquire via email in advance!

-The entire house rental listing is available for booking six months in advance.

-Basic rooms are available for booking three months in advance. If you wish to make a reservation earlier than that, please inform us via email.

 Entire house renting*There is a discount for 2 nights or more.


13. January, 2024
Authentic farmhouse, cold in winter but rugged up inside. Fujiko's baked sweet potato great, a lovely treat. Great ethos!
1. January, 2024
9. October, 2023
9. September, 2023
27. August, 2023
15. August, 2023
14. August, 2023
6. August, 2023
Newly renovated and beautiful Japanese traditional house set in beautiful rural settings.Yamamoto San is very helpful and felt very welcomed.Look forward to revisiting near future.
23. July, 2023
5. May, 2023

Individual Rooms with Shared bathroom and other facilities

We accept both entire home and private room reservations from Airbnb, but on, we only accept reservations for private rooms with shared bathrooms. *only accepts reservations for private rooms with shared bathrooms.



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