Shrines and Temples – Exploring Spiritual Power Spots for Good Fortune-

 Osugi Shrine

The “Osugi Shrine,” also known as the Dream-Fulfilling Shrine, is located very close to INASHIKI NEST.
The shrines are also known for their unusually luxurious restrooms, sparking conversations among visitors.

It has a slightly different atmosphere than typical shrines and gives the feeling of being inside an attraction. Locally, it is also affectionately known as “Anba-sama.”

Three Shrines of the Eastern Provinces



IKISU Shrine

Katori Jingu, Kashima Jingu, and Ikesu Shrine are easily accessible from INASHIKI NEST, only about a 30 to 40-minute drive. While it’s possible to visit them all in a day, Katori Jingu and Kashima Jingu have particularly extensive grounds, offering enjoyable forest walks. Taking two days for a thorough exploration is recommended.



“Houzenji Temple” located in the Shin-Tone district of Inashiki City, Ibaraki Prefecture, has been cherished since ancient times as the Kannon-sama of Ono and is one of the selected landscapes of Ibaraki. The wooden statues of Kongorikishi, the Niomon gate, and the thatched-roof buildings with sculptures on the premises are historical cultural assets that I would strongly recommend you to see.


Local tiny shrine in INASHIKI NEST


Within the grounds of INASHIKI NEST, there is a small shrine that has been revered by the local community since the Edo period. It is a sacred place with a traditional annual visit by locals in February.


How to enjoy at INASHIKI NEST

Chilling out
on a Japanese Veranda

Enjoy a relaxing moment on the engawa, a characteristic feature of Japanese houses. You can spend a luxurious time sitting and feeling the pleasant breeze. In the living room, there is a large low table that doubles as a big kotatsu during the cold season.

Less Crowded

Ibaraki Prefecture’s Inashiki City has a low population density. Despite its close proximity to Tokyo by car, you can enjoy peace and quiet here. Just strolling alongside the rice fields, which stretch out like the Kanto Plain, can refresh your mind and clear your head. It’s the perfect place to spend time doing nothing and get away from the hustle and bustle.

Local food

INASHIKI NEST has a shared kitchen. You can cook and enjoy freshly caught shirauo from Lake Kasumigaura or fresh lotus roots that are available for purchase at honor system stands during autumn and winter. If there are other guests, some people cook together and have meals while socializing.



If you are renting the entire house, you can enjoy a bonfire or BBQ in the garden.

Bonfire sets are available for rent (for a fee).

Firewood is also available for purchase.

Please bring your charcoal.

*Please be considerate of the neighbors and ensure that everything is cleaned up by 9:00 PM.

*Open flames are not allowed.

Rural life with Kitchen Garden

A rural lifestyle where agriculture is close at hand. Right in front of INASHIKI NEST, there is a Kitchen Garden where you can experience the luxurious lifestyle of tasting freshly picked vegetables and herbs. It is the perfect moment to feel the wind and interact with nature.

If children have an affinity for rural living, they are likely to experience great excitement.

Stimulate five senses

The chirping of birds, the croaking of frogs and the sounds of insects echoing in the quietness away from the hustle and bustle. A pleasant breeze. The fragrance of seasonal flowers and fresh greenery. Freshly harvested food. Chance encounters and small interactions with local people. There is a way of life where you can appreciate the small everyday joys that seem possible but out of reach.

Picking Edible wild plants in Spring

Depending on the temperature and weather, around March, you can harvest fiddlehead ferns, and in April, you can find warabi (bracken fern) and yomogi (Japanese mugwort) nearby.

Meditation with mindfulness

It is a very tranquil area. Although you can hear the sound of airplanes occasionally, it is not a typical tourist destination, so quiet and peaceful times flow leisurely.

There is an environment that makes it easy to practice mindfulness meditation by focusing on your breath.

Ring ring Road along Lake Kaumigaura Cycling

The Ring-ring road, which runs along the scenic Kasumigaura, is a rising star among cycling routes and is located nearby.

Whether cycling through vast rice fields or refreshing yourself by riding along the National Cyclist Road called Ring-ring Road by Lake Kasumigaura, there are plenty of options to enjoy the picturesque scenery.

Four rental bicycles are available (mamachari/27 inches in the photo). It costs 500 yen per day per bike.


Flight Check


Since Narita Airport is nearby, airplanes often fly overhead. If you download an app like flightradar24, you can see which planes are currently flying overhead and where they are headed, which can be fun to think about or turn into a quiz game.


Stress relief through farm work!



In front of the inn, there is a vegetable garden where you can engage in some physical activity, and the scent of the soil provides a refreshing experience for both the body and mind.

*Please bring your rain boots and gloves. *It may not be possible to rent the cultivator in case of rain or heavy rain the day before, as it can be dangerous. *Shovels and hoes are also available for rent.




Guests came here to catch this legendary big fish known as the Black Carp “AOUO” called in Japanese in the Tone River.


Finding a four-leaf clover


 Other recommended areas near Inashiki-city

小江戸 佐原 Koedo Sawara


Sawara in Katori City, Chiba Prefecture. It still retains the scenery of the Edo period.

It’s about a 20-minute drive from INASHIKI NEST, making it a perfect place for a casual stroll or foodie to go on a food tour.

* If you plan to go to Sawara during an event, it is recommended to directly drive there using your vehicle, such as a rental car.



It takes about 30 minutes by car from INASHIKI NEST to the world’s largest Buddha statue. The huge Buddha statue is a sight to behold.



Hitachi Seaside Park located in Ibaraki Prefecture, is particularly famous for its vast fields of nemophila flowers in the spring. It is about a 1 hour and 30-minute drive from INASHIKI NEST.

Fermentation Market


From Kozaki Bus Station, known as the Fermentation stores, there is a direct bus to Tokyo Station. It is a convenient place with fresh vegetables, food-related to fermentation, and a restaurant all on site.

How to Enjoy in Deep Local  

OBENTO/Lunch Box
at local store

In the afternoon, head to the local shop along the road that runs through the rice paddies. Enjoy a homemade lunch while experiencing the warmth of the shop owners and the locals you happen to meet.


Enjoy a leisurely bike ride along the National Cycle Route “Ring-Ring Road” that runs along the second largest lake in Japan, Lake Kasumigaura, or explore the endless rice paddy fields and peaceful scenery.

Retro Public Spa and Bath

Azuma Health Public Center exudes a nostalgic atmosphere. The sauna and large bath are nice. You can sweat a lot and detoxify, it’s a happy time.

Gold course

Ibaraki Prefecture’s Inashiki City is actually well-known among golfers.

There are many golf courses located near the accommodation.

Many elderly women in the neighborhood used to work as caddies. Golf balls are often found lying around when walking around the area.

Shrines and temples

The “Ohsugi Shrine,” also known as the Dream-Fulfilling Shrine, is located very close to INASHIKI NEST. Additionally, there is the magnificent thatched roof temple “Hozenji.” approx 20 minutes by car. Receive blessings and power up.